Thursday, September 3, 2009

Persecution of the Ancient Church of Christ

This happened several years ago in Kosovo where Muslim Albanians and refugees stormed churches, cemeteries, monasteries and other places, desecrated them, burning them and destorying them. We say such things can never happen here. And I hope that is the case. Nonetheless, Kosovo's Christian population is persecuted and forced to flee with the help of the British and American governments, who, in their "wisdom" thought that rewarding terrorist thug jihadis with their own legitimate state, was a good solution to the problem, which the Muslims started in the first place! Kosovo is Serbia. Let Serbia be reunited. Let the Church lead the way.

On another note, look at how the thugs try to remove the crosses from the church and cannot, no matter how much effort they put in. The cross may be disfigured but it is planted into the concrete just as the Cross of Christ is planted firmly into the soil of our hearts as the Tree of Salvation.

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