Sunday, September 6, 2009

Modern patristic wisdom

Theology means the word about God. Theology is therefore ALL or nothing. The whole of nature and the super-nature and the subternature - IS ALL theology; all man and every part of him is theology; every meadow and every flower is theology; Sirus and the Milky Way, nebulae and meteors are theology; the history of the planet and the
history of the people, the history of radio-activity and the history of every butterfly, and of every grain of sand, and of every drop of water, and of every ray of light are theology.

If the whole of nature is not theology, then theology is nothing or nature is nothing. If the whole of nature does not speak about God, who will believe Isaiah or Paul? If the whole of the world around is a wilderness, what can the voice of one prophet crying about God in that wilderness accomplish? If the whole universe does not speak of God,who can without contempt hear the words of one man?

--St. Nicholai Velimirovich

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