Friday, December 18, 2009

I never thought of it this way...

We are told that the reason Mary and Joseph were forced into a manger (or a cave, as we say in the Eastern Tradition) to give birth to the Incarnate Logos, Jesus Christ was because there was no room at the inn. And why was there no room at the inn? According to Luke, a census of the Roman world had been ordered by Caesar Augustus which required every man to return to his city of origin to be registered with his family. So who was at the inn? Joseph's family, his relatives, some more removed than others, but still they were family. And who was it that visited the Incarnate Logos? Christ's extended family in the flesh? No. It was the Shepherds, because the Messiah came not for his own family members or even the Jews, but all people.

I thank Fr. Peters (he's Lutheran and we don't hold that against him) for this excellent observation especially as it concerns our reluctance to share the faith with our family members, preferring the anonymity of strangers. As Christ came for all people, so the faith that we have received from Him is for all people and should be shared with them.

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