Friday, December 18, 2009

Archbishop Lazar on the Secularization of Christmas

Those of you who view this little sit down chat with Archbishop LAZAR of ROCOR might find this to be patronizing, insulting and downright mean. However, I think he is right. As Orthodox Christians, we have become too complacent in mixing the spirit of the secular Christmas with the preparation we should be doing for our Lord's Nativity. Rather than talk about the Logos incarnate, we speak of a babe tender and mild. We speak of Christmas rather than Nativity, Advent fast instead of Nativity Fast.

At the end, His Grace is correct that the extra charity that we see displayed at this time of year has almost no connection to the worship of the Incarnate Logos since even in pagan times when they celbrated the Winter Solstice and the Birth of Mithras (the Sun God), they also were charitable. Good words.

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