Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is worship?


The ELCA is having their yearly convention down in New Orleans where the theme is "Jesus, Justice, Jazz." The ELCA represents one of the many reasons why Protestantism was not a viable alternative. Its idea of worship is nothing short of comical. Of course, there are exceptions in the ELCA and other Protestant, where there is some reverence and fear of God. But they are exceptions and thus in the minority. The link below just shows you where most of them are going. Go to the video section on the right and click on the seventh video, "Sanctus."


  1. Actually, we're having our every-three-years Churchwide Assembly in Minneapolis. You can watch the live video stream here:

    The video that you linked above is from the ELCA Youth Gathering (also every-three-years, not annual) in New Orleans, which occurred last month.

  2. Thanks for the corrections, I appreciate it.

  3. While I can't speak for lutherans, as I was never one, I clicked on several of the videos, and found that the youth "worship service" was much like any other evangelical church service. It's odd for me though, coming from an interdenominational church (and many others i tried) on of their head gurus is what talked me into leaving. John Bevere preaches about fear of the Lord, and eternity driven minds, yet none of that is found in most (if not all) evangelical protestant churches. I only found true respect, fear and awe for God in Orthodoxy.