Monday, August 24, 2009

Akathist to St. John Damascene

One of the great traditions of our Orthodox Church is the singing of the Akathist Hymn during Great Lent, the composition of St. Romanos the Melodist. In that same tradition, many other Akathist hymns have been composed to various saints, our Lord and our Lady which are read or chanted in private devotions or even at church during certain seasons.

Knowing that, I have tried to find an Akathist hymn to my patron saint, St. John Damascene and have not. So, I composed my own. It's nothing like what St. Romanos wrote (but then again, few things are!) so if you'd like to read it and to make comments on it, please do so. It is on googledocs. Here's the site.


  1. Chris, I am interested in your akathist to St. John - I would like to reference it in my thesis on akathists as an example of an acrostic. Can you give me some more information about it and your last name? You can email me at If possible, I would like to also ask if you know of any good sources on modern Greek akathists translated to English.

    in Christ,