Sunday, November 20, 2011

Refuting the Prosperity Gospel

Mega-church preachers like Joel Osteen and Rick Warren are flat-out wrong about most everything they proclaim from their pulpits. There, I said it. As much as I am proud and grateful to be born and live in America, I find their "civil religion" and "prosperity gospel" to be antithetical to the Christian life. Unfortunately, many millions of evangelical Christians in this country and out of it buy into this on a daily basis.

I've seen Joel Osteen's "church" on TV. It's an auditorium. It is no more a christian building than a city hall. Behind Joel Osteen is the world. I think that is quite significant because Joel Osteen's way is not centered on the way of the cross, but the way of the world. Osteen says, "If you have faith, not only in Jesus but also in the greatness of America, then the riches of this world can be yours." I think he has forgotten Christ's words when He said that "His Kingdom is not of this world."

A friend of mine posted this link on her page. It refutes the Prosperity of Gospel of Joel Osteen very very well, much better than I ever could. I encourage you to read it.


  1. Hey, thank you for the link.

    I think the Prosperity Gospel is one of the worst things to come out in a long time. I see it doing irreparable damage left and right.

    I recently checked out Amazon and was looking at the top ten non-fiction bestsellers and see that Joel Osteen has a book up there. I could just scream. The guy is such a conman. Can't people see this? Baffling. So baffling.

    Anyway, thanks for the link and the bunches of great traffic and comments. I do so appreciate it.

  2. Chloe,

    Joel Osteen will continue to peddle this as long as people buy it. The fight against heresy is a long and arduous one, no matter how outnumbered we are.