Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Modern Creed for today's modern Episcopalian?

Though I am not the author of this and have no ties whatsoever to Episcopalianism or its respective adherents, I have to say that I too lament what is going on in the TEC both here in America and also around the world. I see many of the same things happening in a lot of Lutheran bodies so the sentiments which are expressed in this particular creedal "formula" can be found in much of modern Lutheranism today as well.

Like the author of this piece of satire, I too do not doubt that there are good practicing Christians in both the TEC as well as in the ELCA, the "liberal" wing of modern American Lutheranism. But when heresy is proclaimed and is adopted as mainstream, isn't that the time to leave? I don't and wouldn't know how to advise someone after he has decided to leave.

Read the piece for yourself and come to your own conclusion

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