Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good post from Pr. Gregory Alms

Though a Lutheran (and we don't hold that against him), Pr. Gregory Alms has a wonderful little piece on the secret of appreciating church. I invite you to read it.

Though we Orthodox want to claim that we are somehow immune from the problems that occur in other confessions, especially with "Worship wars", if we were honest, we would admit that a little bit of that does occur. And we also do have problems, especially in more ethnic churches, of allowing visitors to "go at it alone" without really welcoming them into our congregation for that Sunday. Church is community, the congregation singing the hymns of the angels together to our Lord and God and Saviour. The less church looks and sounds like a church and community, no amount of business sense and church-growth strategies will save it from being a hollow building.

Thanks, Pr. Gregory for your thoughts.

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