Sunday, March 27, 2016

Roman Catholic Priest Crucified by ISIS

A story found in a British news source from March 23 claimed that ISIS had kidnapped a Roman Catholic Priest named Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil during a raid in Yemen last month was going to be crucified on Western Good Friday (March 25).  As of today, Easter Sunday on the Western Christian Calendar, those reports have proven correct.  According to Cardinal Christopher Schoenborn, this heinous did in fact come to pass. 

Words are not enough to really express just how disgustingly abhorrent this is.  And regardless of your religious proclivities, any good and honest person should condemn this as a barbaric act and condemn the perpetrators of this act as inhuman savages.

I know today is Easter Sunday.  I know that when the Lord came to His disciples, He told them that whosoever's sins you forgive, they are forgiven and whoseover's sins you retain, they are retained.  I know that Easter is the triumph of God over death, the triumph of justice over injustice, the triumph of love over indifference, the triumph of the creator over the damage done to His creation.  When we hear news like this, so heinous and so savage that it can easily make one question even the existence of God.  Christ still came though to do redeem the world, even these subhuman savages.

Despite the forgiveness that Christ commands us to have for our enemies, it's also really easy to say that I hope those criminals get carpet-bombed into the stone age.

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