Friday, June 29, 2012

Commemoration of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Foremost of the Apostles

Οἱ τῶν Ἀποστόλων πρωτόθρονοι, καὶ τῆς Οἰκουμένης διδάσκαλοι, τῷ Δεσπότῃ τῶν ὅλων πρεσβεύσατε, εἰρήνην τῇ οἰκουμένῃ δωρήσασθαι, καὶ ταῖς ψυχαῖς ἡμῶν τὸ μέγα ἔλεος.

O foremost of the Apostles and teachers of the world, intercede unto the Master of all that peace be granted to the world and the Great Mercy to our souls.--Apolytikion of the Feast, Tone 4

Have a blessed feast, at least those of you on the New Calendar.

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