Saturday, March 3, 2012

One week of Lent nearly done--How are you doing so far?

When it comes to things like Great Lent and New Years, many of us are all about making plans or "resolutions" as to how we are to conduct ourselves. Whether that involves eating less, praying more, reading more, watching TV less, all of our good intentions eventually slip up. And unfortunately, in our society, once we do slip up, we assume that we have failed and can do nothing else so we go on slipping up so that we are, spiritually, on the floor for the rest of the season. For those of us who have slipped up, the important thing is not that we have fallen, but that we've gotten back up to resume our course. Here's an easy diagram to help thanks to my friend at Pitless Thoughts.

So, don't give up. That's why the Church has extra prayer services and why confession is always available. Get back up. That's the first step towards true repentance.

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