Monday, October 4, 2010

Haven't written in a while

A few people have asked when I'm going to write another piece for my website. And my honest answer is "I don't know." They ask me if I have writer's bloc or some related affliction. I then reply that it is partially due to writer's bloc but has more to do with just how, over the last few weeks, after doing some reading of Scripture and other works and attending faithfully the prayer offices and Liturgy of the Church, I have become all the more acutely aware of how much I do not know and how much more wary I am of exposing my ignorance. I guess, then, it is a matter of pride.

But I often wonder about what do my readings contribute to the Church, our Lord or the saints (both capital "S" and lower-case). I am not writing this to solicit comments of support and empathy and encouragement to write. I remember that I wrote a few months ago, that if you do read my mediocrities here, please don't do it at the expense of reading the Word of God, whether in the psalter, the epistles or the Gospel.

So, for now, I have nothing more to contribute. I have nothing to say. Those of you who know me well know that I rarely am at a loss for words, but there it is. I hope to contribute at least one minor morsel of thought food a month, but I cannot make promises. Expect me when you see me.


  1. I take it from your "about me" that you're handy with Latin. Could I contact you from time to time for help on a translation project I've undertaken?
    You can email me at pastor(underscore)hogg(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  2. I am sure you will find something to talk about....maybe about the new things u keep finding out.........i know i have just been attending a local orthodox church for 2 years now but i keep finding out all kinds of new things i overlooked in the church i used to attend.